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How To Teach Kids To Sew

Do you want to know how to teach kids to sew?

We've come up with a UNIQUE way for teaching kids to sew.

mother and daughter wanting to learn to sew

How To Teach Kids To Sew...with Success!

"Sew" you want to begin teaching kids to sew? Teaching kids to sew doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right recipe for teaching, you will shine with success and your students will glow with excitement! Before you ever get started there are a few things to consider that can make or break your classes if not done properly. Your success is depends upon the success of your young students.

A few essential tips you should remember when wanting to begin teaching kids to sew.

The Basics...How to Teach Kids To Sew

A Patient and Willing Teacher

When working with children, a teacher should be patient and willing. Kids will love to attend your classes and learn to sew from you when they feel their teacher is genuinely willing and involved in their learning. Student will learn many lessons while attending your class, and you are there to help them along the way. You and your students will have a pleasant and rewarding experience when patience is evident in the classroom.  With some structure to your lessons, student will hang on your every word as you teach them how to sew.

Don't Expect Perfection

Perfection is not achieved in one lesson, one month, or one year. In fact, no one is perfect.  Learning something new requires practice. As students come to your classes, they are "practicing" their new found sewing interests in a fun and enjoyable way.   Your young students will enjoy their classes if they feel that you allow them to learn and grow. 

A Well Planned Sewing Curriculum

A well planned sewing curriculum is worth it's weight in GOLD!  As the teacher, you want to attend each class without stress of what projects you have planned. It takes time and enery to search the internet and "find" age appropriate projects.  Too often, a teacher selects a project to be made in class, only to discover, that the students (and teacher) get frustrated because it wasn't age or skill appropriate.

The Kids Can Sew Curriculum has projects pre selected, tested, and designed for your students and their skill level. There is no additional work the teacher has to do outside of classes. The curriuclum has preprinted patterns, ready for the child to use. Instructions are well written, easy enough for kids kids to understand. And lastly, the Kids Can Sew Curriculum starts with the basics of sewing and progress through skills levels, ultimatley preparing students for commercial patterns. The Kids Can Sew Curriuculum provides the teacher a stress free way to teach classes.

Reliable and Functioning Sewing Machines

The teacher and students must have access to a jam-resistant, easy to operate sewing machines. We recommend all the same make and models. Why? Your classes will simply run more smoothly.  A sewing machine with speed control is an excellent way to help the child learn to control their machine while sewing. 

Get Started...How to Teach Kids To Sew 

Teaching kids to sew is fun and reward. You can get started immediately by getting your Licesned Sewing Instructor Membership. Kids Can Sew will help you every step of the way as you set up and teach your classes. The world class curriculum will allow you to maximize your income while minimizing your workload.  It's a great work-life balance.

Don't wait any longer...start teaching kids to sew with Kids Can Sew.