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How to Teach Kids To Sew – HOME Business – Make MONEY teaching Kids to SEW

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Start your own SEWING SCHOOL business by becoming a Licensed Kids Can Sew Instructor, teaching kids to sew in your area and receive successful strategies, personalized training, and information needed to build your business!

YES! I want to be Licensed to teach kids to sew in my area!

MONTHLY (license/subscription)

One-time Sign-Up $99
plus $19.95 /month -Billed Monthly

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INCLUDES: Training & Guide #1

YEARLY (license/subscription)

(RECOMMENDED) One-time Sign-Up $99
plus $19.95/month -Billed Yearly  

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INCLUDES: Personal Phone Training. . . PLUS, all FOUR instructor guide/manuals pdf ($60 savings)  

You receive the following with yearly or monthly sign up!

Included when you Sign Up

  • All the Ongoing Monthly Benefits listed Plus...
  • Training 
  • Quick Start Instructor's Guide
  • Instructor's Guide Manual #1
  • Business Plan/Method
  • Licensed Instructor Certificate
  • Brochures
  • Flyers & Cards
  • Posters
  • Instructor Facebook Group (qualifing teachers)

Plus...your License provides unlimited access to the following

  • Ongoing Curriculum Pattern Kits
  • Craft Camp Patterns
  • Phone Training 
  • Business Method/Model
  • Advertising Digitals Materials
  • Instructor Discount Price
  • Step-by-step Instructor Manuals 
  • Logo & Name usage (limited use)
  • Teacher Directory Referrals 
  • We want YOU to succeed!