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Become a Licensed Instructor – Join Now!

Start your own Sewing Studio teaching kids to sew!

Be Your Own Boss! We'll show you how...

Join NOW to become a LICENSED Instructor. Learn how you can set up your own SEWING STUDIO using the Kids Can Sew® unique system and start making money teaching kids to sew.  It's SEW easy with Kids Can Sew.
Start-up Package includes:

  • Detailed Manuals teach you how to set up your studio specifically for teaching kids to sew with the Kids Can Sew curriculum.
  • Pattern Packet to make samples. 
  • Access to forms, fliers, business & marketing materials and more
  • Successfully proven business model for teaching kids to sew provides help as needed.
  • Plus you'll also receive access to lots of other services to help you along the way

With Kids Can Sew, you're never alone in your business endeavor.  We're here to answer your questions and help you successfully teach kids to sew. We want you and your students to be successful. With a proven business model of over 30+ years you'll want purchase your start up kit today.

Can I Really Teach Kids To Sew?    Yes you really can…See how easy it is!"

Detailed Training Manuals take you step by step to help you set up your sewing classes for teaching kids to sew.   It's all included with your sign-up.  Learn the secrets to successfully teaching kids to sew.

Check out the Student Workbooks/Curriculum
The work has already been done for you!  All you do is TEACH and make money doing it. When using the Student Pattern Packet Workbooks, you're instantly ready to start teaching since the Student Pattern Packets Workbooks are already in place for you. With ongoing skill levels of learning, Kids Can Sew® makes it easy for you to teach.

The BEST thing... It’s all available to YOU when you join. Kids Can Sew® helps to make sewing fun, exciting, and easy for everyone! Now is a great time to start making money teaching kids to sew! It's just SEW EASY with Kids Can Sew®!

If YOU don't start teaching kids to sew...Someone else will.  Don't miss your opportunity to get your SEWING STUDIO started. Join TODAY and get your License to bring kids sewing classes to your area.  Don't delay!  Start your studio today!

Licensed Instructor 2018

How Much Does This Cost?
$30 initial payment and $19.95 per month - Initial payment (first payment) = $49.95
Your continued Membership will be billed for the amount of $19.95 monthly


Will I pay any shipping for the patterns that I purchase?
No, Shipping is Free (USA)

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime.  There is not a minimum period.

$30 initial payment and $19.95 per month. Initial payment  + first payment = $49.95

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