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Income Example

Turn your LOVE of sewing into income when you use the Kids Can Sew Curriculum to teach kids to sew. Learn how when you purchase the Kids Can Sew Membership.
Below are 4 Examples of what you could earn when teaching kids to sew.


# of Students Monthly Charge Monthly Income  # of Classes Per Week
16 Students $60 $960 4 classes of 4 students
20 Students $60 $1200 5 classes of 4 students
28 Students $60 $1680 7 classes of 4 students
32 Students $60 $1920 8 classes of 4 students
Students Monthly Fee Income Classes*
16 $60 $960 4
20 $60 $1200 5
28 $60 $1680 7
32 $60 $1920 8
*Classes of 4 students per week
  • You decide how many students you wish to teach.
  • You decide how much to charge your students.
  • Monthly Income depends upon number of students and monthly charge.
  • Classes Per Week based upon 4 students in each class attending 1 class per week.

What you earn, YOU KEEP!

Kids Can Sew does not take any royalty or fees from your classes.  The choice is YOURS…You can decide how much you want to teach.  All you do is simply enroll your students, purchase a Pattern Packet for each student, and start teaching!

* Income example only.  This is NOT a guarantee of what you will make.  What you make depends on how many students you have and what you charge each student.


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