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Sewing Class Income Example

Sewing Business Income Teaching Kids To Sew

How much income do you want to make in your sewing classes? Your sewing class income is an important part of teaching your sewing classes.

Calculate Your Income

1. Enter Number of Students 
2. Enter Student Monthly Tuition
3. Click on Total Monthly Income to see the results.


Income Calculator

Exmple is not a guarantee of income.

Sewing Class Income

Income Example: This is an example of what you can make when you use the Kids Can Sew Sewing Curriculum. Sewing class income depends on many factors such as, how many students you have and what you charge each student. Details on how this works are found in the Teacher Guidebooks & Training Video's (included with Sign Up).



How Does this work?

1. You buy the curriculum from us.

2. You resell it to your students. (see Teacher Guides for details)

3. You recoup your full cost.

4. Ultimately, the curriculum does not cost you anything.



How Does this work?

1. We do not charge you royalties on class income.

2. We do not charge you a % of your class income.

3. There are no contracts to sign & you can cancel anytime.

4. You KEEP %100 what you make.

Start planning your classes and receive the help you need to get going. We have the only all-in-one sewing program available and we'll help get you started the right way, right from the start.

How Do I Price My Sewing Classes?

The answers below will be found in the teacher guides available to help you get started.
We teach you all there is to know about running and operating your sewing classes. 

How Much Do I Charge?

We'll teach you how to price your classes to keep students enrolled.

How Do I Find Students?

We'll teach you how to find students and keep them enrolled.

How Long Are My Classes?

You'll learn how and why class structure is one of the most important part of teaching.