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Sewing Workbooks & Pattern Packs

Teach Kids to Sew with easy to sew patterns just for Kids!

Each student works from their own 'comprehensive' Workbook & Pattern Pack' and at their OWN skill level. Students complete each workbook in approximately NINE months. See FULL curriculum in the SHOP.

Workbooks & Pattern Packs include: 

  • 'Comprehensive learning based' -(NOT project based) 
  • Ongoing classes keep students interest
  • Step-by-step learning
  • Multiple skills included in each packet 
  • Multiple sizes in each packet
  • Full-sized patterns 
  • Full color workbook students use to learn
  • Iron-on-Labels to attach when projects are finished
  • Helps with creativity, reading, math, comprehension and more
  • Written & Illustrated JUST for kids!

Using the Kids Can Sew® method to teach kids to sew has never been easier.  No need to waste your precious time figuring out what to teach and how...We've done it for you.  Time is money so don't delay getting your studio started.  With our workbooks for kids, your job is easy!  All you do is TEACH, TEACH, TEACH!!!

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Sample Pattern Page

View a Sampling of Projects in the Curriculum

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Your students can easily progress through the different skill levels while increasing their sewing knowledge. Teaching kids to sew is FUN & EASY with the Kids Can Sew® comprehensive lesson packs (curriculum).  With so many projects available, your students will love sewing, and your job in teaching them is "sew" much easier!
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