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Kids Sewing Curriculum

The Leading Sewing Curriculum For Teaching Kids, Teens, and Adults

The Kids Can Sew sewing program has the finest sewing curriculum available for teaching girls & boys, teens, and adults how to sew. The Curriculum is well organized and comes with patterns and workbooks allowing each student personal progression in their sewing class. It's an all-inclusive and unique way of teaching sewing classes. Each lesson in the curriculum builds on the prior skill level. The Curriculum is well designed and affordable. Become part of the fun, exciting, and lucrative method of teaching kids to sew using the Kids Can Sew Program & Curriculum for teaching sewing in your area.

Kids & Teen Curriculum For Your Sewing Classes Business 

Bring excitement and fun into your sewing classes with the age appropriate Kids Can Sew Curriculum for girls, boys, teens & adults. 

Kids Can Sew Curriculum


  • Multiple skill levels
  • Organized into student workbooks
  • Tracks student progress
  • Keep students interested
  • Keeps students enrolled
  • Curriculum is done-for-you

Professionally printed patterns are included with each workbook.

KCS Easy Instructions


  • Multiple clothing projects
  • Fun & fashionable
  • Full color printed workbooks
  • Ready to Use 
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Easy to teach, easy to read

Available workbooks for Girls, Boys, Teens, and Adults

creative craft projects for kdis


  • Use for camps, parties & more
  • Downloadable
  • Use to supplemental the workbooks
  • Multiple craft projects
  • Machine sewing projects
  • Helps students use their creativity

Camps, workshops, & parties are easy to plan with these fun projects

"When using the curriculum, minimal outside preparation makes it easy to teach kids to sew.  It simplifies the process of teaching so students stay enrolled month after month and year after year."

The Sewing Curriculum Keeps Your Students Enrolled

The done-for-you sewing curriculum will help keep your student returning month after month and year after year.

Enrolled Students = Income

The curriculum provides stylish clothing and patterns for kids, teens, and adults to sew

Teaching kids and teens to sew clothing is not complicated when using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.  Each curriculum is organized into a workbook and includes 6-8 patterns with instructions written and illustrated just for kids. Our unique system makes teaching clothing a breeze.

All projects have been specifically designed to teach and enhand the learning process while making pants, skirts, tops, night clothes, pillow, purses, bags, etc.

sewing project kids can sew

Projects shown are a sample of the large selection of projects in the curriculum

YES, You Can Start Making Money With The Kids Can Sew Curriculum

Using the Kids Can Sew sewing curriculum to teach kids to sew has never been easier.  No need to re-invent the wheel trying to figure out what to teach and how...We've done it for you. YOU can easily start teaching with the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. With our curriculum for your students, your job is easy!  All you do is TEACH!!!

Why Use the Kids Can Sew Curriculum?

What teacher's love about the curriculum:

  • It's a done-for-you curriculum
  • Requires minimal work outside of classes 
  • It's professional & easy to teach
  • Keeps students enrolled & engaged
  • Written for kids

You students can easily progress through the different skill levels as they return year after year, increasing their knowledge and increasing your income. Teaching kids to sew is FUN & EASY with the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. With so many projects available, your students will love sewing and your job of teaching is SEW much easier!

You Can Do This! We're Here to Help.

Start Teaching in Your Area

The Kids Can Sew Curriculum will keep your students enrolled. 
When students are enrolled, you continue to generate income. Our curriculum is a reliable income stream, month after month.
Enrolled Students = INCOME