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About Student Pattern Packets

Patterns Written & Illustrated Just For Kids!

Student Pattern packets

Student Packets

Kids Can Sew offers easy to sew kids patterns written and illustrated for kids!

Each Student Sewing Pattern Packet (Curriculum) contains: 

  • Full sized, Multi-sized Patterns & Full Color Guidesheets
  • FULL YEAR of easy to sew projects & Iron-on Labels 
When using the Kids Can Sew sewing patterns, teaching kids to sew has never been easier.  Student sewing projects in the curriculum use basic patterns to teach the foundation of sewing.  New techniques and patterns are introduced with each sewing project which will allow your student to build upon their knowledge each time they sit down to sew.


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Questions Regarding Pattern Packets

How many patterns are in the Kids Can Sew sewing curriculum?

Multiple projects are offered in each of the 10 Student Pattern Packets available in the full curriculum.   Girls, boys, teens, & adults will have a constant source of easy to sew patterns to choose from. With multiple sizes in each student packet, ordering is a breeze.  Your students can easily progress through the different skill levels while increasing their sewing knowledge. Teaching kids to sew is FUN & EASY with the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.  See Sample Patterns & Instruction above.

How many projects can my students sew?

Each Student Sewing Pattern Packet comes with enough patterns for a FULL YEAR OF SEWING.  Your students will have many fun projects to keep them busy month after month and year after year which means more income for you!  Members purchase a Student Sewing Packet for each student (which includes a full year of patterns) for $29.99 with a minimum purchase of 4.  The Manual provides ideas on how you can roll this cost into your class fees. 

What kinds of projects can students/kids sew?

The Kids Can Sew sewing patterns are filled with sewing machine clothing projects from skirts, tops, nightwear, shorts, t-shirts, and many other easy to sew patterns for clothing items. In addition, we also offer craft patterns,  doll clothes  (made to fit american girl doll and other 18 inch dolls and will match the 1st Girls Level Student Packet) and MORE! With several projects available, your students will love sewing, and your job in teaching them is “sew” much easier!

Sewing Promotes Creativity and More!

Using the Kids Can Sew Student Patterns, sewing promotes skills such as  hand-eye coordination, basic math, reading comprehension, patience, discipline, self confidence, independence, problem solving, and creativity within your classes. Each kids sewing pattern/project is designed to help the student learn and have fun while sewing. Since pattern designs are classic designs, kids can use their creativity to create and add their fashion flair to their projects.  See Creativity Gallery

Kids LOVE Kids Can Sew® and So will YOU!

Since the kids sewing patterns/projects and instructions are already in place, you won’t waste your valuable time searching for projects and patterns that are easy enough for your kids to sew.  Millions of kids have learned to sew with Kids Can Sew patterns! Why? Because they are EASY TO TEACH and EASY TO SEW!

Purchase your Membership today and receive the INSTRUCTOR USER MANUAL, access to STUDENT SEWING PATTERNS (CURRICULUM), and LOTS AND LOTS OF EXTRA HELP & BENEFITS. Kids Can Sew® wants YOU to be successful.  Now is a great time to start making money teaching kids to sew! It’s just SEW EASY with Kids Can Sew®!

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