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Kids Sewing Curriculum

A Sewing Curriculum for Teaching Kids To Sew in your own Sewing School

Our kids sewing curriculum is designed for YOU to teach YOUR students to sew. The curriculum is effective and the most affordable curriculum available. The Kids Can Sew Curriculum is a specialized way of teaching sewing classes. The Kids Can Sew Curriculum is the most popular curriculum available today and offers teachers multiple patterns for ongoing classes, camps, workshops, parties, girl scouts, youthgroups and more! Now you can be a part of the fun, excitement and success of teaching kids to sew when you start using the Kids Can Sew sewing curriculum for your sewing school business.


Sewing Curriculum for Teaching Kids Sewing Classes

You will brings excitement and fun into your sewing classes when you use the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.

Kids Can Sew Curriculum Levels


  • Begginner to Advanced
  • Fun & Fashionable Projects
  • Easy to Sew Patterns 
  • Easy to Teach Patterns
  • Fun & Stylish Projects
Kids Can Sew Curriculum Book


  • Full Color Instructional Workbooks
  • Multiple projects in each level
  • Clothing & Craft projects
  • Professionally printed patterns
  • Provides a solid learning foundation
Kids Can Sew Llama

Plus, additional patterns for camps, workshops, parties, & more 

  • Full Color Directions
  • Quality Designed Patterns
  • Professionally Printed
  • Multiple Projects
  • Machine & Handstitching Projects

Modern & Stylish Cothing Projects For Kids To Sew

Teaching kids to sew clothing is easy with the Kids Can Sew Workbooks. Each workbook includes 6-8 patterns with instructions written and illustrated just for kids! The simplified process makes teaching clothing a breeze. Workbooks include both clothing & craft projects. 

Kids Can Enjoy making pants, skirts, tops, night clothes, pillow, purses, bags, etc. All projects have been specifically designed to teach and enhance the learning process. You will simplify the process of teaching kids to sew when using the Kids Can Sew Curriuclum. The program is designed to be kid and teacher friendly. 

sewing project kids can sew

Projects shown are a sample of the many projects in the curriculum. 

"The curriculum is an easy way to teach kids to sew clothing and crafts.  It simplifies the process and keeps students engaged, learning, and enrolled."

The Sewing Curriculum For Teaching Kids To Sew

Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design is a unique kids sewing curriculum designed to help sewing teachers easily teach children to sew. The unique and well-planned sewing curriculum keeps your students enrolled as they progress through the curriculum levels. This means your students return to your classes week after week, month after month, and year after year.


Workbooks are designed to keep students enrolled

Easy to Teach Student Workbooks For Your Sewing Classes

Kids Can Sew Workbook

What's In the Workbooks

  • Full color instructions & illustrations
  • Professionally printed
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Easy progression through each level
  • Students learn to easily read & understand sewing patterns
  • Designed for ages 7+

Fun & Easy Sewing Patterns For Your Sewing Classes

Kids Can Sew Patterns

About the Patterns

  • Includes 6+ patterns in each workbook
  • Professionally printed & ready to use
  • Multiples sizes
  • Students choose their projects
  • Easy to read patterns
  • Students learn to easily read & understand patterns
  • Designed for 7+

Advantages of using the Kids Can Sew Sewing Curriculum

Teach Kids To Sewing

Teaching Benefits

  • Minimal class preparation
  • Keeps students enrolled
  • Keeps students returning
  • Maximizes class income
  • Instant teacher plans
  • Skills Chart - what to teach & when
  • Makes teaching easier
  • Professional. This means your business looks professional too!

Your students can easily progress through the different skill levels as they return year after year, increasing their knowledge and increasing your income. Teaching kids to sew is FUN & EASY with the Kids Can Sew® comprehensive lesson packs (curriculum).  With so many projects available, your students will love sewing, and your job of teaching them is "SEW" much easier!

Curriculum is designed for teaching children 6+ years of age.

"Instructions are organized into full color, professionally bound workbooks to keep students engaged and learning."

Sewing Teacher Extras

Claculate Your Income

Teaching kids to sew with the Kids Can Sew Curriculum is very affordable and profitable. We will show you step by step how to make your classes profitable.  

Calculate Your Income

Join Now to Start Teaching

The Kids Can Sew Curriuclum will keep your students enrolled. 
When students are enrolled, your continue to generate income. The curriuclum is designed so your students will continue month after month and year after year.
Enrolled Students = INCOME

How To Plan Classes

Learn how to properly set you your classes the right way.  The Kids Ca Sew Guides will provide accurate and valuable information you need to properly set up your classes. Kids Can Sew makes your teaching easier.

See Guide for Class Planning

YES, YOU can start Making Money With The Kids Can Sew Curriculum

Using the Kids Can Sew sewing curriculum to teach kids to sew has never been easier.  No need to re-invent the wheel trying to figure out what to teach and how...We've done it for you.  Time is money so don't delay. YOU can easily start teaching with the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.  With our full curriculum for your students, your job is easy!  All you do is TEACH!!!