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Kids Sewing Curriculum

The Premier Sewing Program for Teaching Kids, Teens, and Adults

Discover the excitement of the Kids Can Sew Program, the ultimate sewing curriculum for teaching girls, boys, teens, & adults how to sew. Each curriculum is well organized and includes clothing patterns and a workbook, allowing students to progress at their own pace. It's UNIQUE method ensures that each lesson builds on the previous one, enhancing skill development. Each lesson in the curriculum builds on the prior skill level. Our Curriculum is well designed and affordable. Join the fun, exciting, and rewarding journey of teaching kids to sew with the Kids Can Sew Program. Start teaching sewing classes in your area, whether at home or in a store.

Done For You Sewing Curriculum Levels 1-3 Workbook & Patterns

Kids & Teens Sewing Curriculum for Your Sewing Class Business

Teaching kids to sew should be FUN & EASYThe Kids Can Sew vetted Curriculum takes all the guess work out of teaching and shows the teacher WHAT SKILLS TO TEACH AND WHEN TO TEACH THEM. The Curriculum includes clothing projects and is adaptable to meet the needs of each students. 

  • The Sewing Curriculum is Done-For-You
  • Professional Printed Clothing Patterns
  • Full Color Instructional Workbooks
  • Multiple Skill Levels 
  • For Girls, Boys, Teens & Adults

The Kids Can Sew Sewing Curriculum Keeps Your Students Enrolled

YES, the DONE-FOR-YOU Sewing Curriculum will help keep your students returning month after month and year after year.

Enrolled Students = Income for You

"When using the curriculum, minimal outside preparation makes it easy to teach kids to sew.  It simplifies the process of teaching so students stay enrolled month after month and year after year to complete all levels in the curriculum."

kids can sew sewing clothing and crafts curriculum

What's In The Curriculum?

The sewing curriculum consists mostly of clothing projects. Each curriculum level is organized into a workbook with well written & easy to follow illustrated instructions specifically for children and the first time sewist.

  • Full color workbook with easy-to-follow cleverly illustrated instructions.
  • 6-8 professionally clothing patterns.
  • Student Certificate of Completion.

An Organized and Well-Planned Sewing Curriculum

TEACHERS love the simplicity of the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. It's a unique system that makes teaching SEW EASY!

STUDENTS love the easy-to-read instructions and interactive patterns. They can't wait to see all the projects in each skill level.

Kids Can Sew Workbook, pattern and inside workbook

Using the Kids Can Sew sewing curriculum to teach kids to sew has never been easier. No need to re-invent the wheel trying to figure out what to teach and how...We've done it for you. With the Kids Can Sew Curriculum, your job is easy!  All you do is TEACH!

downloadable sewing crafts

Downloadable Sewing Craft Projects

Supplement the curriculum and/or add additional classes with our fun and creative downloadable sewing crafts and hand sewing projects. The downloadable projects are great for:

  • Supplementing the Curriculum
  • For Summer/Holiday Camps
  • For Holiday or other Workshops
  • For Birthday Parties
  • For Youth Groups & More!

We'll show you how! Kids Can Sew has a complete program for all your teaching needs.

With the Kids Can Sew Curriculum,
You Can Make a Big Impact on Your Students

More Time For Instruction

Saves Time

The Kids Can Sew Curriculum takes the guess work out of lesson planning, projects, and pricing so you can focus on your teaching. The curriculum shows you what skills to teach and when


Personalization is a Breeze

The Kids Can Sew Curriculum workbooks help adapt your teaching to meet each student's individually needs. This provides you with specific guidance on how to help each student learn and progress.

learning that clicks

Learning That Clicks

The Kids Can Sew high-quality and professional workbooks and patterns work hand in hand to provide continued learning in a format that students & teachers love and understand.

We're Here to Help Every Step of the Way!

Start using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum, patterns, teaching resources, worksheets and more in your classes. We aim to simplify your teaching so you can enjoy the teaching experience. Become a member today and start using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum in your classes.