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Sewing Curriculum

Kids Can Sew Level 1 Curriculum

Fun & Easy Patterns For Kids To Sew - Curriculum
For YOUR fashion design and craft SEWING SCHOOL!

Curriculum is designed for YOU to teach YOUR students to sew clothing and crafts. 

Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design is a unique FULL curriculum to last students many years of learning.  Each curriculum skill level teaches new techniques while using skills learned from previous levels. As students attend classes week after week, month after month, and year after year, their ability and understanding will continue to grow. The skills mastered through the curriculum of learning to sew will carry with the student their entire lifetime.  

Kids Can Sew also offers instructors patterns to teach WORKSHOPS, CAMPS, PARTIES, YOUTH GROUPS and more.

The curriculum - workbooks are designed to keep students continually enrolled in classes. Students learn and grow. .  instructors stay in business. Because of this, student stay enrolled longer. Teaching kids to sew does not have to be a daunting task.  Kids Can Sew provides a unique teaching method that is easy to teach. Resources and instructor guides are available to help the instructor, teach with success. When using the Kids Can Sew teaching method and curriculum, instructors have more time to teach and spend with family and friends.  Kids Can Sew simply makes your teaching easier. The curriculum is written to provide an easy and simplified way to teach.  It’s a method of teaching that does not require much outside class preparation which allows the instructor a greater work-life balance.

Kids Can Sew Pattern Curriculum

Quality Sewing Curriculum for Your Sewing School Business 

Ongoing Class Curriculum

  • Full Color Instructional Workbooks 
  • Multiple projects in each workbook
  • Clothing & Craft Projects
  • Keep students enrolled (28-36 lessons per workbook)
  • Multiple Skill Levels for student progression
  • Professionally printed patterns & instructions
  • Provides a solid foundation preparing them for commercial patterns
  • Quality Projects 

Camps / Workshops / Parties / Scout Troops

  • Full Color Printed Instructions
  • Downloadable Patterns
  • Single Patterns
  • Multiple Projects
  • Machine & Handstitch Sewing
  • Teacher Guides Available
  • Quality Projects

Why use the Kids Can Sew Curriculum to teach children to SEW?

  • Saves teacher TIME & MONEY
  • Teacher retains students longer resulting is higher income
  • Students learn to read & interpret illustrated instructions
  • Students progress from basic through advanced skills
  • Pattern & instructions are professional
  • Fun & Educational full color instructions 
  • Quality projects for quality classes
  • Teaches & reinforces the fundamentals of sewing
  • Helps with creativity, reading, math, comprehension and MORE
  • Written & illustrated for kids
  • Students learn from their OWN set of instructions & patterns (doesn't cost teacher additional expenses)

YES, YOU can start Making Money With The Kids Can Sew Curriculum, Sign-up TODAY and start your sewing school NOW!

Your students can easily progress through the different skill levels as they return year after year, increasing their knowledge and increasing your income. Teaching kids to sew is FUN & EASY with the Kids Can Sew® comprehensive lesson packs (curriculum).  With so many projects available, your students will love sewing, and your job of teaching them is "SEW" much easier!
  • Fun Projects
  • Easy To Sew
  • Easy To Teach
  • Fun & Educational

Why You'll LOVE It!

Using the Kids Can Sew sewing curriculum to teach kids to sew has never been easier.  No need to re-invent the wheel trying to figure out what to teach and how...We've done it for you.  Time is money so don't delay. YOU can easily start teaching with the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.  With our full curriculum for your students, your job is easy!  All you do is TEACH!!!