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I need to share my surprise and excitement. Less than a month ago, I stumbled upon Kids Can Sew. The investment was minimal with very little risk to start. I put out a few feelers. And within 24 hrs, I had many interested parties. My budget was to keep everything under $500. And I came in at $488.40. (not including student pattern packets.) My first class is on Friday March 10. I am excited to announce that I have 2 classes FULL, 1 class with 3 students and 1 class of 2 as of today. My mouth is dropping! Oh, and I have 1 more that has signed up for my Easter Camp. I don't know how to thank you for this program that has made possible for kids around here to have something that moms have been unable to pass down since they, like me, never learned how from our mothers nor even grandmothers. Moms are happy and relieved and the kids are excited. Helena posted 3/7/17

- Helena