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How To Teach Kids To Sew! 

Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design Official Site. Our unique business method/model truly works! Now is the time to Join and learn how to teach kids to sew using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. Children in your area are wanting to learn to sew. Don't wait, be the first in your area to start teaching kids to sew in your own business. Now is the time to make money doing something you love.

How to Start your own Sewing School

We are the original (Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design) and the very FIRST company to teach individuals how to successfuly operate a business teaching children to sew! In addition, we were also the first to produce a complete World Class Sewing Curriculum for children. Nothing compares to our UNIQUE, one-of-a-kind, sewing curriclum for kids. That's why Kids Can Sew® is the #1 sewing curriculum of choice! 

Where Do I Begin?

  • Not sure what patterns to use?
  • Not sure what skills should be taught and when?
  • Not sure what ages are best to teach?
  • Not sure what to charge?

You'll find all these answers in the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. It's simply the easiest and most engaging way to teach kids to sew.

How to Start Making Money NOW Teaching Kids To Sew

We'll teach you how to run a profitable sewing school business teaching kids to sew.
Professional * Profitable * Affordable


Become a Licensed Instructor

You'll save time & money! Teaching kids to sew has never been easier.


Learn the Secrets of Teaching

Keeping students longer means more money in your pocket!


World Class Curriculum

A great return with little investment. You keep what you make!

Teach Kids To Sew Sewing Curriculum

When it comes to teaching kids & teens to sew, we are the experts. We have over 35 years of experience.


  • Your Home
  • A Store
  • Virtually (during COVID-19)
  • Another Location

We’ll show you how.

The Kids Can Sew Program is Affordable & Profitable.


  • Teach After School Classes
  • Teach Camps & Workshops
  • Use a Full Student Curriculum
  • Use Teacher Manuals/Guides

The choice is yours.

Kids Can Sew is a complete program for teachers and students. We are here to answer your questions.


  • The choice is yours
  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own hours
  • No royalties/no percentages

What you make, you keep!

We'll show you how to generate excellent profit and consistent income.

We Want YOU to Succeed!

Are you interested in making money teaching kids to sew? If yes, the Kids Can Sew Program & Curriculum is for you! We'll teach you how to run a profitable sewing school business.  We provide FREE phone training, detailed Teacher Guides, and a full world class, one-of-a-kind sewing curriclum so you can make money teaching kids to sew. We're in business to help you succeed. 

Our Program & Curriculum will save you TIME & MONEY. We'll also show you how you can successfully teach kids to sew by maximizing your income and minimizing your time by using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum in your sewing classes!

We can answer any of your questions and help you along the way. We'll even give you FREE phone training. Why? Because we are in business to help YOU to succeed!

Fashion Sewing Curriculum for Kids

With our help, you can be at the top of your game, teaching kids to sew. We are invested in your success.  That's why we provide the business training and the curriculum.

Learn the industry tips and secrets to teaching kids to sew. Kids love to learn to sew with Kids Can Sew, it's the curriculum of choice for over 35 years!

Our unique business method/model truly does work! There is nothing on the market today that is as unique and profitable as our curriculum.  If you are serious about teaching kids to sew and making money, SIGN UP today! Make money teaching kids to sew.  We'll show you how!

Teach Kids To Sew...#1 Way To Teach

A Proven



& Support


Kids Can Sew has a unique & proven quality sewing curriculum with over 35 years of experience. Our curriculum works! That's why we've been in business for over 35 years helping others learn to operate their very own sewing school.


Our world class curriculum will SAVE YOU time and money. We'll show you how. You and your students will enjoy the professionally printed patterns and full color workbook style instructions to easily to easily run your classes.


Find out how you can maximize your income when teaching kids to sew. Our uniquely designed curriculum will keep your students returning. The longer students take classes, the more you profit!  We aim to help you succeed! 


We know what running a business is like. It's not always easy, so we are here to help! Take advantage of the detailed teacher guides and videos. Have a question? We can answer it for you.

Become a Kids Can Sew Licensed Instructor TODAY!

Start teaching kids to sew and making money doing something you love to do. You can make excellent money starting your own business of teaching kids to sew and we will show you how. It's easy to teach children to sew with our easy to sew patterns for kids, where children learn to sew and make crafts and or clothing.  Teach kids to sew with our curriculum if  you want to be more profitable than you could imagine.

We have the largest sewing curriculum AND easy to sew patterns for children to sew. Our curriculum is available for teaching children, teens, and adults to sew.  In addition we also have a line of easy to sew Camp Packs and sewing Activity Packets.

If you are interested in learning about our unique method and one of a kind pattern packs & curriculum for teaching children to sew in a business setting, you will be pleased with what Kids Can Sew has to offer you.  Our full curriculum is not available in stores and only available to our licensed teachers.

Kids Can Sew Crafts & Fashion Design is the original company specializing in a learning-based curriculum for teaching kids to sew and is recognized as the #1 sewing program for kids learning to sew. The demand for sewing teachers that provide sewing classes, camps, and/or workshops for kids is greater now than ever!  If you are wanting to start sewing classes for kids or looking for more patterns for your sewing classes you have found the right place. Sign up TODAY and begin!

Kids Can Sew Testimonials

hand holding ipad with five star review

I Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel

I love your program. The very best thing about it is that I not have to re-invent the wheel in trying to figure out what projects are best. All the work has been done for me. The kids pattern packets – curriculum are the BEST. All I have to do is TEACH and I love it because I am busy with a family as well. Thank you so much for your program.


Met My Goals

I just wanted to tell you how well I am doing with my school. I gave myself a short term goal of 24 registered students and in three months I have met that goal. I now have a waiting list of students who will sign up after fall sports schedules change.


Today was a record day!

I’m in tears I’m so happy. Today was a record day. 12 returning students signed up for January classes and 3 new students registered as well. I don’t even open my registration until December 15th. And I didn’t say a word about upcoming classes. WTH am I doing right, cause I don’t ever want this to end. Pinch me.


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