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With years of experience, Kids Can Sew® is here to teach others how to succeed in their own business, to teach kids to sew using the Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design method, a program that is written especially for kids.

Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design Official Site started 32 years ago and is the FIRST PROGRAM for teaching kids to sew. Without a doubt, the Kids Can Sew® program is the easiest, most effective, and recognized program available for teaching kids to sew. Well over a million kids have learned to sew with Kids Can Sew® curriculum. It’s simple, fun, and “sew” kid friendly! Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design is a family owned and operated business. See what other have to say about the Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design Program, below.

Kids Can Sew Fun Facts:

  • Has been in business since 1983. Was the very FIRST company to produce a curriculum of patterns written and illustrated for kids.
  • Has the largest selection of kids sewing lessons/patterns/curriculum available today.
  • Is the largest company specializing in teaching women the business of teaching kids to sew.
  • Previously selected by the Association of Mothers Working at Home Opportunity of the Year.
  • The Curriculum has taught over 2 million children how to sew and is not only for kids, but for teen and adults as well.
  • Previously featured in the following magazines: Sew News, Threads, Butterick, Business Opportunity and Crafts as well as many other publications throughout the years.

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