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Sewing Teacher Guides To Teaching Classes

an open sewing teacher guide book on flat surface

Sewing Teacher Guides

These detailed sewing teacher guides will take you step by step explaining how you can teach kids to sew using the world class Kids Can Sew Curriculum. Our UNIQUE teaching method will teach you how to successfully prepare your classes to teach the Kids Can Sew Curriculum, maximize your income, what projects to teach and so much more. these sewing teacher guides are a must have resource if you are wanting to teach kids to sew. 

Instructor Guides

A Sewing Teachers Guide To Teaching Classes

Learn from the experts. With over 35 years experience teaching kids to sew, this proven and UNIQUE method for teaching will make your classes easier to teach.

Sewing Topics For Success

Classes Built For Success

Learn why our UNIQUE teaching method is "sew" successful.  It's the only teaching method of its kind. Learn the secrets from the experts!

Consistent Income

How Much Can I Make?

What you make depends upon how much you work and what you charge. As a Licensed Instructor, you pick your own hours and set your own rates.


World Class Training

Free Training

We'll share all the important information with you. It's information you won't find elsewhere. It's all the secrets to your sewing class success.


Get Your Sewing Class Teacher Guides Today. We're Ready To Help You Succeed!

It's easy to get started teaching kids to sew with the Kids Can Sew ® Curriculum when you have all the necessary information and support. Do you Want to receive the Teacher GUIDES  and learn all the teaching secrets to successful classes? Sign up for a membership.

Our 35+ years of research and experience will help you start and continue your sewing school while using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.  Our proven and UNIQUE method is available NOW to help you get started teaching kids to sew with Kids Can Sew®

From Curriculum to Teacher Training & Resources Kids Can Sew has everything you need to teach kids to sew!