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Sewing Business Plan

Your Business Plan for Teaching Kids Sewing Classes

Starting your sewing business with a well thought out, tried and tested business plan will put you miles ahead when it comes to the success of starting to teach kids sewing classes. The Kids Can Sew Sewing Business Plan model will provide the information and knowledge you need to successfully teach kids sewing classes using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. 

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A Complete Business Plan for Sewing Teachers

Opening a business can be stressful if you don't have the right tools or knowledge to do it right. You want to start your sewing classes off strong and keep the momentum going.  Starting a business the right way is crucial to your success. Kids Can Sew has prepared a business plan outlining how to run a profitable business when using the Kids Can Sew Curriuclum. This sewing business plan model has been used successfully, over and over again by teachers who are teaching kids to sew. If you want results and success, this is your go-to sewing class plan fo teaching your classes.  Kids Can Sew takes you step by step through this business model for teaching kids to sew.

About the Sewing Business Plan

  • Self guided - Train at your own pace
  • Teaching Guides - detailed plans
  • Digital guides & videos
  • Step by step training
  • Learn the business of teaching kids to sew

The business plan is a complete training of teaching guides which provide you with the knowledge and know how to fully understand the business of teaching kids to sew.

Detailed teaching guides will take you step by step explaining how to successfully teach kids to sew using the world class Kids Can Sew Curriuclum.


Sample Topics

  • Using the Curriculum
  • Generating Income the right way
  • Importance of Copyright 
  • Project & Class Plans
  • Student Progression
  • Ongoing Classes
  • Setting Goals
  • PreparingYour studio
  • Selecting Sewing Machines
  • Protecting Your Investment
  • and More!

Teaching Guides

  • Curriculum Necessities
  • What's In Your Sewing Room?
  • Pricing It Right
  • First Class Essentials
  • Ultimate Advertising Guide
  • Your Guide to Running Summer Camps

A Sewing Teachers Business Plan Guide

Learn from the best. With over 35 years experience in teaching kids to sew this proven and UNIQUE method for teaching will make your classes easier to teach and set you a part from your competition.

A Business Plan For Success

 Classes Built For Success

Learn why our UNIQUE teaching method is "sew" successful.  It's the only teaching method of its kind. It's a business plan must have if you want to teach sewing classes with success and ease.

Business Plan Consistent Income

How Much Can I Make?

A good business plan will provide details on income. This sewing business plan outlines specifics on generating your income on a consistent basis. Enrolled students = Income. This plan outlines it all for you.


A Business Plan with Training

Teaching Profitable Classes

Not all sewing classes are profitable. It's easy to make mistakes that will eat up your profits. The Kids Can Sew Sewing Business Plan will help you avoid expensive mistakes so you can profit consistently.


Sewing Business Plan

How to Set Up a Sewing Business Teaching Kids Sewing Classes

A good plan of action is one that will help you get customers and generate income. No business wants to fail and it's up to you to put forth the effort to make your business thrive.  But, it's not always easy to know where to begin or how to do it.  That's why we have prepared a sewing plan that will help you see results. This sewing business plan is also a training guide explaining how the curriuclum works and how you can be successful teaching sewing classes when using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.

The following list is a good starting point of what you can expect when starting your sewing classes teaching kids to sew. However, it is not a full and complete list. We include the full list in the Business Plan Traing Guides.

Starting a Business Requires an Investment

When starting any type of sewing business, you can expect to spend money to get started. If you want to be a business owner, you can expect to invest something to get started. That's the reality of it. To start a business teaching kids sewing classes, expect to purchase multiple sewing machines, multiple sewing tools, a good curriclulum (patterns & instruction) for each student, tables, chairs and more. Bonus if you have many of things already on hand, but most people don't. Your biggest expense will be the sewing machines.

Although we recommend teaching in your own home (because it's the most profitable), you can teach in a retail establishment, but plan on additional expenses such as rent and utilities if you decide to teach in a location outside your own home. A list of the complete supplies are included in the teacher guides sewing business plans. 

Think Like a Business Owner: Think Long Term

Many good business owners think long term. When starting a business, you should think about how you will generate income for the long term. You may be asking yourself the following questions: 

  • How will I continue to generate long term income?
  • What should I teach my students?
  • Are there specific skills that need to be taught, in order?

Kids Can Sew answers these questions, along with many other questions. The most important question we can answer is how you will generate long term income. Long term income comes directly from using the curriculum. Since the sewing curriuclum has multiple levels of learning, it includes the opportunity for the teacher to keep students for several years.  If you want to generate income (and keep it), using a curriuclum is one of the best business decision to can make.  

We're Ready To Help You Succeed!

It's easy to get started teaching kids to sew with the Kids Can Sew ® Curriculum when you have all the necessary information and support. Do you Want to receive the Teacher GUIDES  and learn all the teaching secrets to successful classes? 

Our 35+ years of research and experience will help you start and continue your sewing school while using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.  Our proven and UNIQUE method is available NOW to help you get started teaching kids to sew with Kids Can Sew®

From Curriculum to Teacher Training & Resources Kids Can Sew has everything you need to teach kids to sew!