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How To Teach Kids To Sew Guides

Detailed Teachers Guide Books (manuals) take you step by step explaining how you can teach kids to sew using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. Manuals will teach you how to successfully prepare your classes to teach the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. You will learn how to set up and continue operating your sewing classes using the Kids Can Sew Business Model & Curriculum.  The Teacher Manuals e-books are accessed upon joining. Information contained in the Guide Books are written for using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.


Some Of The Topics Included In The Teacher Guides:

  • Why The Curriculum is SEW Successful
  • Teaching The Unique Kids Can Sew Curriculum
  • Teaching Your FIRST Class
  • Step-By-Step Weekly Classes
  • How And Where To Begin
  • Scheduling Classes
  • Equipment & Supplies  

How Much Can I Make?

What you make depends upon how much you work and what you charge. As a Licensed Instructor, you pick your own hours and set your own rates.



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It's easy to get started teaching kids to sew with the Kids Can Sew Curriculum when you have all the necessary information and support. Receive Teacher GUIDE  #1 when you join today!  Additional Teacher Guides are available in the Shop. 

Our 30+ years of research and experience will help you start and continue your sewing studio while using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.  Our proven business model is available NOW to help you get started teaching kids to sew with Kids Can Sew. We'll show you how.

From Curriculum to Teacher Training & Resources Kids Can Sew has everything you need to teach kids to sew!


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