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Find sewing classes that are offered in your area.  Look for an instructor using the Kids Can Sew® Curriculum – workbooks & pattern packs, and camp packs as well as other fun filled sewing classes projects.

The Kids Can Sew® Curriculum provides children a Learning Based Sewing Curriculum – workbooks & pattern packs – for teaching kids to learn to sew, The Workbooks & Pattern Packs know as the Curriculum are written for the child to be able to easily understand the sewing directions and techniques.  The illustrated drawings assist the teacher, in teaching kids to sew with success to provide the necessary sewing foundation for learning to sew. Kids Can Sew® also supplies Camp Packs that are geared toward fun sewing patterns that kids love to sew.

Instructors, license the right to provide sewing classes in your area using the Kids Can Sew® Curriculum intellectual Properties 

Children enrolled receive their own Kids Can Sew® Curriculum – known as Student Workbook & Pattern Pack and or a Camp Pack to learn to sew. The Student Workbooks & Pattern Packs include, step-by-step instuctions, student progress reports, certificate of completion and more.

If you would like your child to learn to sew using the well known Kids Can Sew® Curriculum and Camp Packs please fill out the form below.



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