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Kids Can Sew FAQs

Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design Inc. is the original program for teaching kids to sew and is recognized as the #1 Sewing Program for Kids and has received an award given by Mothers Working At Home as one of the TOP businesses for teaching young children to sew. Whether you would like to teach your own child to sew, or a group of children to sew, the Kids Can Sew® Curriculum Program has patterns to fit your teaching needs.

Purchase the Kids Can Sew® License & Start Up Kit by JOINING. This comes with a supply of Pattern Packets to help start your classes. The Kit provides you with the information necessary to begin your studio and start teaching. Plus, you'll also enjoy access to the full Student Lesson Packets curriculum and business/marketing materials and MORE!

No, we do not take a percentage of your sales, nor charge any royalty fee. What you make, you keep.
If you know the basics of sewing, we can teach you how to open and operate your sewing studio classes to make money teaching kids to sew. Of course you should also enjoy sewing and working with kids.
The Kids Can Sew Packets have been prepared for you with the projects your students will make. We're in business to help you succeed! Over the course of 30+ years, we have developed a curriculum and business model that has been proven time and time again (that's why we've been in business as long as we have). We provide the years of knowledge and know how to help you become as successful as you can be. We provide knowledge from years of experience which will save you from countless hours and sometimes very costly mistakes. With the Kids Can Sew Program, it's like having your own research and development team right inside your classroom! All this can ensure you start making money quickly. We want you to be successful!
First, as a Registered Kids Can Sew Instructor running the Kids Can Sew Program/Curriculum, each student is required to have their own Student Pattern Packet. If you are serious about being successful when teaching kids to sew, the Student Pattern Packets are designed to help you achieve that. When students have their own packets, they will generally stayed enrolled longer, which is a benefit to you, the instructor. The benefit for the student having their own packet, helps them learn how sewing applies to them, as a individual. They learn to internalize and personalize what they are learning, sewing, and why. Students learn to take responsibility for their sewing projects, supplies etc. which is just another aspect of learning to sew. It also provides a more efficient classroom experience for both the teacher and student. Parents perceive a better value and a better teaching environment when they know their child has their own packet to work from which. Pattern Packets carry a copyright and copying, tracing, sharing, renting, lending etc. is strictly prohibited.
No. This is your own business and you can teach as much or as little as your time and circumstances permit. Some teachers teach full time, while others teach part time or just a class or two. The Kids Can Sew program is designed to be flexible enough for your own schedule.