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Kids Can Sew FAQs


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Business Questions

The Kids Can Sew Curriculum is designed to make you money and save you money. Your income depends upon how many many students you teach and what you charge. To get started, visit the INCOME EXAMPLE now.

To get started, simply JOIN NOW.

Once you join, you have immediate access to your account, to purchase downloads, curriculum, teacher guides, and more! Kids Can Sew has over 35 years of knowledge and experience teaching kids to sew and we want to share it with you!

Since this is your business, you have the flexibility to choose your own hours and create your own schedule based upon your needs.

To keep prices affordable, Kids Can Sew is NOT a franchise. Our program is designed to maximize your income and minimize your work. It provides an excellent work/life balance and provides success for both teacher and student. The Kids Can Sew program is designed so you can enjoy teaching your classes for years to come. We are here to help you achieve your dream.

Yes! Teaching/business guides and videos are available in the shop. Once you have completed the training, you will be filled with the knowledge and know how to suscessfully run your classes/business using the Kids Can Sew Curriculum. The Kids Can Sew Curriclum is easy to teach, fun to sew, and provides a great work/life balance for you.

Yes, each child will need their own curriculum (pattern & workbook). As standard for any business, you will prepurchase the curriuclum and resell it to students as they enroll. This is very important to the success of your classes.
NOTE: Parents purchase the curriuclum from you when their child enrolls. Ultimately, the curriculum does not cost you anything.

There are many benefits to students and teachers when each child has their own curriculum (pattern & workbook) to learn from.
For example: During COVID-19 many Kids Can Sew Licensed Instructors were able to continue teaching (virtually, of course) because students had their own workbook and patterns and could continue to work from home during their lessons.
For teachers that are again able to teach in-person classes, sharing of supplies is a concern to many parents and teachers with the onset of COVID-19. Since each student has their own Kids Can Sew pattern & workbook, students can easily learn and problem solve their way to success, with your help.

No. What you earn, you keep. We do not take a percentage of your sales, nor do we charge any royalty fees. 

You are welcome to supplement the program with additional classes, however, we do not offer assistance with non Kids Can Sew classes

If you want to teach your own child in a homeschool setting, and not as a business, we recommend the Learn To Sew Kids Homeschool Curriculum. It's designed for homeschool or personal use. For more information visit


Curriculum Questions

Each Student Curriculum comes with full color instructions, professionally printed patterns, skills chart, and measurement chart. The curriculum is designed in a unique way which provides each student with a strong sewing foundation. 

Each Student Curriculum includes 6-8 patterns depending upon the skill level.

The curriculum patterns start at approximately $4.50 per pattern. The cost of the curriculum patterns are less than a commercial pattern or a downloadable pattern. Each Student Curriculum Kit includes 6-8 printed patterns and full color instructions organized into workbooks.
You resell the Curriculum Kits to your students. This means that ultimately, the curriculum doesn't cost you (the teacher) anything since your students pay for their Curriculum Kit.

The curriculum focuses on clothing and some craft projects that students absolutely love! Each level introduces new skills the student can learn and master.

A student generally finishes a skill level each school year and enrolls the following year to start the next skill level. Students generally stay enrolled for 3 or more years when they are using the full Kids Can Sew Curriculum. This means, you can ultimately keep a student for 3 or more years! Just think, that's 3 or more years of income from just one student. Think about the income you could generate if you had 25 students!

The Kids Can Sew curriculum is designed for kids ages 6 and up. We also have a teen curriculum available also.