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Teach A Child to Sew

Are You Interested In Teaching Your Child to Sew?

Teaching your child to sew can be fun and easy when you have the right sewing patterns and other necessary items to teach them.  Teaching your child to sew can be overwhelming if you are unsure where to start. Follow the step below to confidently start teaching your child to sew. Teaching your child to sew can happen at home (home learners & homeschoolers), or by setting up a running a business teaching your child or other children to sew.

How Do I Get Started Teaching My Child to Sew?

To start teaching your child at home, in a homeschool setting, or as a business, just follow these recommendations.

How Do I Get Started Teaching My Child to Sew?

Start with a plan

When teaching a child to sew (or a group of kids), you will first need a plan. A good plan is imperative to your success. A good plan starts with a well planned curriculum. Kids Can Sew has the curriculum and lessons and plans already in place for you. No extra work on your part!  

How Do I Set Up My Area to Teach My Child to Sew?

Select the Right Space & Tools

Tools are necessary and certain equipment will definitely make your sewing area a great place of learning to sew! Whether you teach a child to sew or many children to sew, you'll want to make sure you have the right equipment for successful teaching and learning.

Does Your Child Want to Learn to Sew?

Your child should have interest

First, the child must want to learn to sew. It's not a hard decision when the child can see what they can make when using the Kids Can Sew Curriuclulm. It's full of fun clothing and craft projects. Plus, the Kids Can Sew Curriuclum allows the child to use their creativity with each project.

What do I Teach a Child to Sew?

The Kids Can Sew Curriculum (your lesson plan) will take a child step by step through the beginning processes of learning to sew. These are the foundational steps and should not be skipped. The Kids Can Sew Curriculum outlines exactly what needs to be taught and when. Yes, there is a recipe for successfully teaching a child to sew.  How do we know? We've been in the business for almost 40 years.  Why? Because the Kids Can Sew Program & Curriculum work!

Kids Can Sew...A World Class Curriclum

When using the Kids Can Sew® Curriculum to teach a child to sew, kids will learn to sew with fun illustrated instructions and interactive pattern pieces. Instruction are full color, fun, and interactive. You've never seen anything quite like the Kids Can Sew® Curriculum to really teach the basics of sewing.

Learning to sew is always a fun experience for any child when learning with the Kids Can Sew® patterns and illustrations.With the Kids Can Sew® curriculum, kids will learn to sew clothing and crafts which will give them the best foundation of sewing, a skill that will last a lifetime.

Kids learning to sew can advance through 3 levels of sewing fun in the Kids Can Sew® curriculum.  Once completed, they will be ready for easy commercial patterns.

Kid Can Sew® is the #1 program for teaching kids to sew, thus providing kids with the best opportunity and learning experience for them.  Each child learning to sew receives their own Kids Can Sew® Student Workbook Kits and it's theirs to keep forever.

The Kids Can Sew® Curriculum provides a fun and easy to learn way for kids to grasp the concepts of sewing while leaning and having fun.

Kids Can Sew Curriculum consists of:

  • Multiple skill levels of learning
  • Full color written & illustrated instructions
  • Fun clothing & craft projects
  • Full sized professionally printed patterns ready for kids to use
  • See the Curriculum

Kids Can Sew Curriculum Promotes:

  • Creativity
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Math
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • and more! 

Sewing Is Good For The Brain!