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Teach Kids To Sew Teaching Tips

Teach Kids To Sew Tips

Listed below are excellent suggestions that will be helpful as you begin to teach kids to sew.

1- Pinning is vital, when you teach kids to sew and is most difficult for a young child. Your help in this area may prevent the child from becoming discouraged with learning to sew.

2- As you teach kids to sew you'll soon find that it is hard for a child to judge the correct seam allowance. This pointer will make it easier for you and them when you teach kids to sew. Place a piece of masking tape or colored tape along the right side of the sewing machine presser foot, exactly the width of a (5/8 inch) seam to help the young sewist sew a straight seam and to maintain the proper seam allowance.

3- Use a marking pen or a chalk pencil (washable) liberally. This will provide the child with a guide for sewing a straight seam. In some instances, you can draw a line directly onto the (wrong side) of fabric to show the child exactly where to sew.

4- When the child is too small to reach the foot pedal, slide a thick phone book or catalog under the foot pedal. Sometimes a firm pillow is necessary to raise the small child's seat so she or he can reach the sewing table. In such a case, the foot pedal must be raised even higher.

These are just a few pointers that are helpful when you teach kids to sew. Many more additional points are found in our teacher guidebooks. Also, for the greatest success, when you teach kids to sew you will want to use our curriculum and patterns.

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