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What is STEM and STEAM Sewing?

Stem Sewing


What is Sewing STEM & STEAM? How Does It Relate to Sewing?
STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Arts was added to create the acronym STEAM.  STEM & STEAM are teaching of skills that bring science, technology, engineering, arts, and math together.

What do STEM & STEAM have to do with sewing and teaching kids to sew?

The following will help you understand what STEM & STEAM have to do with sewing.

Sewing Science Kids Can Sew


Have you ever stopped to wonder where fabric comes from or how it is made? What about sewing machines, zippers, needles, hook & loop (aka Velcro), or thread?

Nearly all sewing related inventions have come about because of science. 

How has science influenced the sewing industry?

Sewing Technology Kids Can Sew


When we apply the science we know to the function we are performing, this is considered technology. Whether it's the process of sewing a shirt, or producing needles, it is done through the use of technology. Technology is used all around us, especially in the sewing room. 

How does technology influence the sewing industry?

Sewing Engineering Kids Can Sew


Engineering is the process used when building or creating something. Whether you are creating a pattern of an item to be sewn, or following instructions, the engineering process is taking place. 

Engineers (specifically Soft Goods Engineers) apply their knowledge to create and manufacture space suits, hot air balloons, shoes, fabric coolers, tents, shoes, and clothing.

How does engineering influence the sewing industry?

  • Engineering of Soft Goods has provided employment for thousands of individuals hired to sew products made from fabric and soft materials.
Sewing Arts Kids Can Sew


Sewing something from start to finish is an accomplishment, whether big or small. Creativity is a part that goes into each project. Adding certain creative elements such as a bow, a button, a ruffle, or something else. The project becomes unique to the sewists.

How does art influence the sewing industry?

  • Trends are often driven through the use of arts. For example, logos.
  • The fashion industry uses various styles, colors, and fabrics in an artistic way to create trends. 
Sewing Math Kids Can Sew


Sewing uses math. We measure, we cut. We measure , we design. We measure and measure again.  Pattern pieces, like a puzzle, will not go together properly without the application of math. When sewing, math is used when cutting out, when sewing seams, when hemming and more. Math is essential to sewing and math is essential to the S.T.E.M. (and S.T.E.A.M) process.

How does math influence the sewing industry?

  • Science, Technology, & Engineering are all reliant upon math. 
  • Math opens the door to inventing and creating.

Kids Can Sew uses a UNIQUE, one of a kind curriculum of patterns (both clothing & crafts) to help instructors teach basic through advanced sewing skills.  This powerful curriculum provides learning and knowledge for the student.  It's a valuable skill that will last a lifetime.