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Easy Sewing Patterns for Kids to SEW

sewing pattern for kids


Using a Curriculum of Patterns is vital if you want to be successful in our business when teaching kids to sew. 

The Curriculum will keep your students' enrolled for years and all the work has already been done for you!

Why is Kids Can Sew®  rated the #1 best Curriculum to use in your sewing school?

1. The Curriculum is specifically age-designed mostly focusing on teaching kids to sew their own clothes.

2. The Curriculum is step-by-step easy-to-follow written directions and includes animated pictures to enable even younger students the ability to learn to sew by looking at the pictures as well.

3. Patterns are printed on high quality paper and are multi-sized to allow each child to use their patterns multiple times.

4. Where applicable patterns in the Curriculum work from the fold line to help in teaching kids to sew.

5. Sewing directions are assembled into workbooks which makes learning to sew convenient in helping students and instructors keep track of students’ progress.

6. Patterns in the Curriculum have icons to clearly direct students where to place the pins and where to cut. This reinforces student learning.

7. Pictures of each project are printed on patterns, making it easy for students
to match up directions with pattern pieces while learning to sew.

8. Patterns have a designated place for the child's name to keep the students organized while learning to sew. 

9. Each Pattern can be completed within 4-6 hours.

10. Patterns have one to four pattern pieces and includes the name of 
the pattern and a picture of the finished project to help make learning to sew 
easy for the new young sewer.

11. Each Curriculum has variety of patterns that will take a child 9 to 12 months to complete.

Kids Can Sew® currently has Curriculum to last your students many years of sewing instruction taught by you.

Although Kids Can Sew focuses mostly on the teaching KIDS to sew, we also provide some curriculum for teaching teens and adults to sew as well. 

The benefits of using the Kids Can Sew Sewing Patterns will allow you to do what you do best... TEACH, TEACH, TEACH kids to sew!


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