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Sewing Patterns Kids Can Sew

Sewing Patterns for Kids to Sew

teach kids to sew

Whether you are teaching a group of kids to sew or teaching your own child to sew, choosing the right sewing patterns will help a child find success in learning to sew. Using a sewing curriculum with easy to sew patterns and easy to read instructions will make learning fun for the child and easy for you.

To learn more about teaching kids to sew with easy to use sewing patterns and instructions designed for kids, just follow the tips below.

Learn how to teach sewing as a business using the Kids Can Sew Sewing Curriculum.
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Teach your child to sew. Great for homeschoolers or at home learners.

Choose the Right Sewing Patterns for Kids to Sew

Kids Sewing Patterns

A. Use a Proven Curriculum

Your best results will come from using a kids sewing curriuclum. Whether you want to teach a group of kids or you want to teach your own child to sew, a kids sewing curriuclum will provide an outline of what your child needs to know as they learn to sew. It should be written and illustrated so the child understands. The curriuclum will teach skills in the proper order. The curriculum will provide opportunities for the child to learn, practice, and master sewing skill and techniques.

Kids Sewing Patterns

B. Learn To Sew Clothing & Crafts

As a child is learning to sew, they will benefit the most if they learn to sew both clothing and craft type projects. Providing your child with a wide variety of projects will allow them to use the skills they are learning.  As the child applies the skilsl they have learned, it will increase their understanding. Learning to sew clothing does not have to be scary or intimidating (for the teacher/parent or child) if the proper patterns are chosen. 

Kids Sewing Curriculum

C. Start With the 1st year Curriculum

Sewing, like any other activity requires a beginner to start from the basics. Learning the basics first will give the beginner sewist the opportunity to properly learn, practice, and master the necessary skills needed to advance and learn new skills. Don't be tempted to skip the basics. The basics provide the foundation for the child to successfully learn new skills and techniques.  Learning the basics is the foundation the child needs.

Teach a Child to Sew with kid friendly Patterns made easy with Kids Can Sew

Teach My Own Child (Non Business)

For HomeSchoolers and Home Learning
Are you a homeschooler or are you wanting to teach your own child or grandchild to sew? The Learn To Sew Kids Curriculum can help you accomplish your goal of teaching your child or grandchild the basics of learning to sew. Check out what Learn To Sew Kids is all about. The link below will take you to

Run a Business Teaching Kids To Sew

For Starting a Business or Adding to an Existing Business
Are you wanting to start a business teaching kids to sew? You can teach in your home or a retail location.  Kids Can Sew will set you on the right track for success and teach you the ins and outs of successfully runing classes kids to sew. Teaching kids to sew as a business is lucrative, exciting, and SEW rewarding. 

Start a Business Teaching Kids to Sew

A good sewing curriculum with easy sewing patterns will help make teaching kids to sew fun and enjoyable.

The Kids Can Sew Sewing Patterns for Your Classes

  • Sewing patterns include age specific clothing and craft projects.
  • Step by step illustrated instructions teach kids how to sew.
  • Sewing patterns include animated illustrations.
  • Multi-sized sewing patterns are printed on high quality tissue paper.
  • Instructions include fun illustrations printed in full color.
  • Where applicable, the sewing patterns work from the fold line to make it easier for kids to learn the basics.
  • Workbooks included organized instructions to eliminate lost pattern pieces.
  • Patterns include fun icons to clearly direct students where to place the pins and where to cut. This reinforces student learning.
  • Printed pattern pieces include illustrations.
  • Each sewing pattern has a designated place for the child's name to keep the students organized while learning to sew. 
  • Students complete sewing projects in 4-6 hours.

Kids Can Sew® has sewing patterns and instructions to last your students for many years. This provides a recurring income for your business. Plus, you can learn how to effectively, efficiently, and affordably teach a group of kids to sew using the easy sewing patterns by Kids Can Sew.

Although Kids Can Sew focuses mostly on the teaching KIDS to sew, we also provide some curriculum for teaching teens and adults to sew as well. 

The benefits of using the Kids Can Sew Patterns will allow you to do what you do best... TEACH, TEACH, TEACH kids to sew!