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Easy Sewing Patterns for Kids to SEW

sewing pattern for kidsSewing Patterns for Kids to SEW

The Kids Can Sew Patterns (kits) for Kids - to sew curriculum include these vital requirements for the greatest success in teaching kids to sew. There are eight Sewing Patterns for children to sew Kits. Each has multiple sewing patterns and will take a child 9 months to complete each Sewing Pattern Kit.

1. Each sewing pattern for kids to sew has been specifically age-designed to be used by children as young as age eight.

2. Each sewing pattern for kids has been thoroughly and successfully tested in multiple sewing schools.

3. All kids clothing patterns are multi-sized allowing a child to use their Pattern
Packet for growth years.

4. Kids sewing patterns in the Curriculum work from the fold line.

5. The directions in each Pattern Kit is filled with animated pictures and
easy-to-read print. This is important since many younger students are just
learning to read. The easy-to-follow directions enable these young students
to sew by looking at the pictures and when directions are read to them. In
addition, students should be encouraged to read the directions aloud.

6. On each Pattern a picture directs the student where to place the pins.

7. On each Pattern a picture of a pair of scissors shows where to cut.

8. Pictures of each project are printed on the Patterns, making it easy and fun
for students to match up directions with pattern pieces.

9. Each Pattern Packet has a designated place for the child's name, thus
making it personal in help to keep the child organized.

10. The sewing Patterns clearly show how much fabric and what notions are
required to complete each item.

11. The directions in the sewing Patterns are simple step-by-step instructions for
completing the project.

12. Directions are assembled into booklets (curriculum). These are convenient in helping students and instructors keep track of their progress.

13. Each Pattern can be completed within 3-4 hours.

14. Sewing patterns have one to four pattern pieces and includes the name of
the pattern and a picture of the finished project to help make learning to sew
easy for the new young sewer.

The benefits of using the Kids Can Sew Sewing Patterns will allow you to do what you do best... TEACH, TEACH, TEACH!


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