Teacher Manual/Guides BUNDLE- 2a & 2b


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Teacher Manual/Guides 2a & 2b BUNDLE (pdf)

If you want to be successful this is a MUST have, before starting your business. 

Teacher Manual/Guide 2a: What’s In Your Sewing Room? This Instructors Guidebook explains how to successfully set up your sewing room to use the Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design Curriculum. You’ll learn all about the proper equipment and supplies needed including information on sewing machines.  Learn why the set up of your sewing room matters. Learn what equipment and supplies you’ll need to to start teaching the curriculum. You will also learn why the set up of your classroom matters when teaching kids to sew and why first impressions are important!

Teacher Manual/Guide 2b: Pricing It Right.  This Teacher’s Guidebook explains the importance of choosing the right class structure and how setting the right prices can make or break your classes and/or business. You’ll learn about student fees and class registration.  Also included is a student registration form to help you organize your sign ups.