Teacher Manual/Guide 1 – Curriculum Necessities 101 (E-Book)

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Teacher Manual/Guide 1: Curriculum Necessities 101 (pdf) 

This guidebook gives YOU the instructor an overview of how to use the  Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design Curriculum workbooks.  It shows YOU how you can be successful in teaching kids to sew.  It explains how to keep your students coming week after week for many years – much like piano lessons.  Your students are learning to sew using a professional fully developed CURRICULUM rather than just a random pattern or project.  

Learn why choosing the right patterns and curriculum is important to your success. Discover how the right patterns & curriculum have a direct impact on your business longevity and student retention.  It explains the first project, easy tracking students’ progress, symbols, clip & take sheets, supplies, student certificate, sizes, icons, plus many other things.

Note: Studies show that parents prefer their child learn to sew from a Licensed Instructor using the  Kids Can Sew® Curriculum instead of just any project or pattern.  They also prefer a well- rounded LEARNING curriculum whereas their child learns to sew clothing along with a few crafts.  Kids Can Sew® is LEARNING focused curriculum.