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Kids Can Sew Membership

Licensed Instructor membership group of ladies

Kids Can Sew Membership...Your Success Starts Here!

Whether you want to start a business teaching kids to sew or have an existing business, the Kids Can Sew Membership can help you take your classes and business success to the next level. We want YOU to succeed and we will show you how to be successful in teaching kids to sew using a curriculum that keeps students enrolled for years continually making you money! 

Take Your Business To The Next Level

We're here to help you succeed and enjoy what life has to offer. 

Now You Can...

Earn a CONSISTENT INCOME teaching kids to sew
INCREASE your sewing income
Make a PROFIT teaching kids to sew
GROW your sewing business
Experience a better  WORK LIFE BALANCE
LEARN New Teaching Skills
Successfully TEACH kids to sew
SAVE time and money!

Teach Kids To Sew. Why You Need This Membership.


Teach kids to sew in your classes with the one and only world class sewing curriuclum. It's a one of a kind successful curriuclum for teaching kids to sew.


Learn from the experts. Training from those who have been in the the industry for over 35 years teaching kids to sew.  Success comes through knowledge.


Access a large selection of teaching resources including patterns, curriuclulm, advertising materials, teacher guides/manuals and more!

Whether your are starting a sewing studio or are currently running a studio, a Kids Can Sew Licensed Instructor Membership can help you every step of the way. With the Kids Can Sew Licensed Instructor Membership, you are not alone in your business endeavor.