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Learning Focused Sewing Curriculum

What is a Learning Focused - Based Sewing Curriculum?

A Learning Focused - Based Sewing Curriculum for kids focuses on developing core sewing skills which provides the most comprehensive learning available and includes ALL the core elements below:

Ongoing Classes
A Learning Based Sewing Curriculum provides ongoing kids sewing classes. Unlike camps or workshops where students make a project or two and then stop, Learning Based Classes are ongoing.  An ongoing class allow the student the opportunity to develop the skills they are learning. When students have the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning over a period of time, they start to master the skills they are learning which will help them be able to develop more advanced skills in the future. 

Self Paced & Age Appropriate
A Learning Based Sewing Curriculum allows a student to progress at their own pace and at their own skill level. It allows the student to be able to practice those skills that require extra time and to move on to other skills they've already mastered. When classes are offered on an ongoing basis, students are able to progress at their own pace and skill level. When using age appropriate projects, illustrations, and written language based upon the age and skill of the student, the student will expand their knowledge and skills.

Skill Levels
A Learning Based Sewing Curriculum includes skill levels starting with basic sewing skills and gradually increasing to more advanced skills though a variety of projects. This provides the student with a solid sewing foundation which is essential to being able to learn more advanced sewing skills and techniques. Projects in each skill level are designed to provide repetition and practice to previously taught skills. Practicing and repeating previously taught skills, through a variety of projects, allow the student to apply and expand their knowledge and skills. 

Fashion Clothing & Craft Projects
A Learning Based Sewing Curriculum consist of both clothing and craft projects in ongoing classes. This allows the student to be able to apply their skills to a variety of different projects over time. By applying skills to many different projects, it helps the child expand their knowledge of skills and receive the necessary practice to master the skills they are learning. 

Illustrated Instructions  (Guidesheets):
One basic skill of sewing is being able to read and interpret the instructions/guidesheets to be able to complete the project. A Learning Based Sewing Curriculum will always include illustrated instructions which will teach the student how to read and interpret sewing instructions such as those found in commercial patterns. This is a basic core sewing skill that requires practice and repetition. Like other skills, this essential skill is learned over in ongoing classes through a variety of different projects. Illustrated (drawings) teach students to read, interpret, and understand sewing instructions.  This is a core skill for learning to sew.

Completion time:
Each Curriclum will take the child (your student) approximately 6-9 months to complete before moving she/he moves into the next 'harder' skill level curriculum.





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