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Fun, Flexible, and “sew” kid Friendly

We want YOU to be successful in your business of teaching kids how to sew!

Why is our program “SEW” successful?

FIRST, we will provide you with information explaining the uniquely amazing Kids Can Sew program on how & where to start your classes and NEW business. You’ll receive over 30 years of  knowledge and vital information that really works, helping you every step of the way. Our Teacher’s Instructor Manuals along with our “how to” videos show you how to start your business, leading you every step.

SECOND, to be successful in your business you will need a well written, kid friendly curriculum that is developed and written specifically for children or for the first time sewist including kids, teens and adults. We provide just that… YEARS of curriculum– Patterns & direction books (pattern packets) your students can use in your classes. Many students continue taking sewing lessons taught by you, for years.

THIRD, we are all in this together. We want you to be successful and start making money doing what you love. This is why we provide you Lots & Lots of Extra Resources designed to help you start and teach your classes, along with teacher networking, and the Kids Can Sew team helping you every step of the way. 

Can I Really Teach Kids To Sew? Yes you really can…See how easy it is!

The FOUR Teacher Instructor Manuals take you step by step to help you set up your sewing classes, from equipment to getting students and so much more (included in your Welcome Kit).  The teacher provides sewing machines and supplies (pins, scissors, measuring tools etc.). Each student will need purchases their Kids Can Sew® Student Pattern Packet from you when they register for one of your sewing classes. These are the patterns (curriculum) your student will use to learn to sew. Students generally purchase their own fabric and notions for each of their projects.

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The work has already been done for you!  All you do is TEACH and make money doing it. Using the Curriculum (Student Pattern Packets), you’re instantly ready to start teaching since the patterns are already in place for you.  Using ongoing skill levels of learning, Kids Can Sew® makes it easy for you to teach, with no more guessing which patterns are suitable for each student.  Plus, the curriculum offers you the flexibility to schedule the classes you want, when you want, and still have time for other important things such as family or other responsibilities. It doesn’t get easier than this!

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Teacher Resources

Upon joining, your Kids Can Sew® membership comes complete with professional resources (many are FREE) to help you find success teaching kids to sew. Enjoy Extra Resources Such As: Student Practice Sheets, forms, flyers, pattern downloads, instructor profile web page, facebook teachers ONLY group, teacher directory listing, and ‘SEW’ MUCH MORE!

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The BEST thing… It’s all available when you purchase the Kids Can Sew Membership. Kids Can Sew® helps to make sewing, fun, exciting, and easy for everyone! Now is a great time to start making money teaching kids to sew! It’s just SEW EASY with Kids Can Sew®!

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The Curriculum

Kids sewing patterns designed for easy teaching and fun-filled learning.

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