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Downloadable Sewing Craft Patterns

Sewing Patterns for Teaching Camps, Workshops, Parties & More!

Are you interested in teaching sewing camps, workshops, parties, and/or youth groups? These classes are commonly referred to Make & Take Classes. We have you covered. Our line of downloadable craft patterns make running these classes easy! The following are only a few of the many downloadable/printout pattern available.

creative craft projects for kdis

Downloadable Printable Sewing Craft Patterns

The Kids Can Sew downloadable printable sewing craft patterns are great for:

  • Supplementing the Kids Can Sew Curriculum
  • Camps, Workshops, Parties, Youth Groups & more
  • Use for multiple students
  • Printable
  • Machine sewing crafts
  • Hand sewing crafts
Summer Sewing Camp Patterns Kids Can Sew

Great for Summer or Winter Sewing Camps

Want to run summer camps? Kids can start their summer learning to sew. Mix and match our downloadable patterns to create a fun camp theme. Easy patterns make running your camps a breeze. Yes, you can run summer camps and we will show you how easy it is.

Holdiay Sewing Patterns Kids Can Sew

Stand Out With Holiday Workshops

Want to kick off the Holiday season with extra income while having fun sewing?  Don't miss your opportunity to run a fun holiday workshop teaching kids to sew. Kids love to make holiday craft projects. Add a special cheer to any holiday with the fun and easy downloadable patterns.

Sewing Birthday Parties Kids Can Sew

Make a Child's Day Special with Parties

Birthday Parties are popular. They are a great way to add an additional source of income to your curriculum classes. All kids have birthdays so why not celebrate with them and teach them to sew? You can do this!

sewing classes kids can sew

Your Guide to Running Make & Take Classes

This Teacher Guide will provide all the information you need to start running Make & Take Classes (camps, workshops, parties, etc.)

"Kids Can Sew Digital Patterns are great to supplement the clothing curriculum
or to offer Camps, Workshops, Parties, and More!"

More Information about Teaching Kids To Sew

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The Kids Can Sew Curriculum will keep your students enrolled. 
When students are enrolled, you continue to generate income. Our curriculum is a reliable income stream, month after month.
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The Student Curriculum

Kids Can Sew offers a complete Student Clothing Curriculum. It's a great way to generate income by offering after school classes. The Curriculum provides an easy way to offer sewing classes.

YES, YOU can start Making Money With The Kids Can Sew Curriculum

Using the Kids Can Sew sewing curriculum to teach kids to sew has never been easier.  No need to re-invent the wheel trying to figure out what to teach and how...we've done it all for you. Time is money so don't delay. YOU can easily start teaching with the Kids Can Sew Curriculum.  With our curriculum for your students, your job is easy!  All you do is TEACH TEACH TEACH!