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About Us

Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design is a program designed for teaching kids to sew. Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design Original Site started 32 years ago and is the FIRST PROGRAM for teaching kids to sew. All other sewing programs came about as a result of the Kids Can Sew® curriculum, but none can duplicate the simplicity and ease of use that the Kids Can Sew® program offers. Without a doubt, the Kids Can Sew® program is the easiest, most effective, and recognized program available for teaching kids to sew. Well over a million kids have learned to sew with Kids Can Sew® curriculum. With years of experience, Kids Can Sew® knows just what is needed to teach kids to sew. It’s simple, fun, and “sew” kid friendly! Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design is a family owned and operated business. See what other have to say about the Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design Program, below.

Kids Can Sew Fun Facts:

  • Has been in business since 1983 and was the very FIRST company to produce a curriculum of patterns especially written for young children to understand.
  • Has the largest selection of kids sewing lessons/patterns/curriculum available today.
  • Is the largest company specializing in teaching women the business of teaching kids to sew.
  • Has been selected by the Association of Mothers Working at Home Opportunity of the Year.
  • The Curriculum has taught over 1 million children how to sew and is not only for kids, but for teen and adults as well.
  • Has been featured in the following magazines: Sew News, Threads, Butterick, Business Opportunity and Crafts as well as many other publications throughout the years.

What’s all the BUZZZ? See what people are saying…

Dear Mrs. Curtis & Staff, “I will be marking my second anniversary as a Kids Can Sew Teacher next month and would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the integrity of the Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design program. Thank you for teaching me every aspect of the business. Starting from legal, bookkeeping, to marketing, and running the first class. Over the past two years I have touched the lives of more than 90 students. Each of them has been encouraged and challenged by the Kids Can Sew program and everyone without exception has succeeded in learning sewing skills and producing wearable garments.” Sincerely, Sally (Read More)