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Make Money Teaching Kids To Sew 

With Kids To Sew, your get the best program - All-in-one!

Are you looking for a fun, unique, and rewarding way to make money teaching kids & teens to sew at home or another location? 

Whether you are starting a business or adding to your existing business, we'll show you how to be successful teaching kids to sew.

What To Teach Kids To Sew?

 The Kids Can Sew program (curriculum) will help you teach the right skills at just the right time. Students can easily progress through each sewing level, learning and mastering basics through advanced skills.

What to Charge for Classes?

You will learn all there is to know about running kids sewing classes in the Kids Can Sew Teacher Guides & Training Videos. We'll help you step-by-step so you are successful.

How to Get Started Teaching
Kids To Sew?

If you have dreamed of teaching kids to sew, now is the time to get started. It's easy when you have the RIGHT information to help to get you started the RIGHT way.

How To StartTeaching Kids To Sew

Whether you are just getting started or adding classes to your existing business. Follow these three easy steps to make money teaching kids, teens & adult to sew.


Kids Can Sew Start Now

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Kids Can Sew Gift

Read Teacher Guides & Watch Training Videos

Set up your sewing room and start your classes. 

Teach Kids To Sew

Start Teaching

Inspire your student's creativity with each project in the curriculum. You keep what you make. 

How to Run a Profitable Sewing Class Business
Teaching Kids, Teens & Adults To Sew

Learn from the experts. We have over 35 years of experience. We will show you how to maximize your income so your business is profitable.

Teach Kids To Sew Business

Learn The Kids Can Sew Business Model of Teaching Kids & Teens To Sew

Teacher Guides and videos will help you understand the sewing class business so you won't waste valuable time and resources.  You'll gain important information that isn't found anywhere else. It's information you don't want to miss out on. You will learn how to run profitable sewing classes with our one of a kind sewing program for teaching kids to sew. 



Kids Can Sew Teachers are at the TOP of their game when it comes to teaching kids to sew. You will learn how to teach classes to maximize your income. 

Learn the industry tips and secrets to teaching kids to sew. Hold afterschool classes, weekend classes, workshops, parties, camps & more. We'll show you how easy and fun your classes can be when you have Kids Can Sew to help. 

Teach Kids To Sew First Class

How To Teach Your First Sewing Class

Teaching your first class may give you the teaching jitters. Kids Can Sew has an outline for teaching your first class with success. Get them sewing quick and easily on the sewing machine right from the start. You will say, "I did it!"

The Kids Can Sew Curriculum is the foundation for your classes. The curriuclum will keep your students returning, keeping your classes full.

Why Teachers Love The Kids Can Sew® Program

Proven Curriculum

Kids Can Sew has a unique & proven quality sewing curriculum. Kids Can Sew has been in business for over 35 years. That's over 35 years of experience and knowledge to help you. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  You can focus your time on teaching your classes. 

Excellent Income Potential

The Kids Can Sew Curriuclum will keep your students enrolled. 
When students are enrolled, your continue to generate income. The curriuclum is designed so your students will continue month after month and year after year.
Enrolled Students = INCOME

Affordable & Professional

Ultimately, the sudent curriculum does not cost you anything. That's right! You recoup 100% (or more) of the cost of the student curriculum BEFORE the student attends their first class. A full color workbook and patterns will impress your students and their parents and ensure your business looks professional.

Ongoing Help & Support

Running a business does not have to be hard. We're here to help you run your business and classes as easy as it can be.We're here to answer your questions and support your adventure every step of the way. You'll always be a step ahead of your competition because your will know the secrets to successful teaching. 

See what teachers are saying - TESTIMONIALS - 

"I Don't Have To Reinvent the Wheel"

I love your program. The very best thing about it is that I not have to re-invent the wheel in trying to figure out what projects are best. All the work has been done for me. The kids pattern packets – curriculum are the BEST. All I have to do is TEACH and I love it because I am busy with a family as well. Thank you so much for your program.


"Keep Up The Good Work"

I have been with your program for 5 years and I love it! I hold 10 classes a week along with raising my 4 children and keeping the household running with a traveling husband.” Keep up the good work and thanks again!


"I Started With Two Students"

I am beyond excited! I started my sewing school with 2 students. Yesterday I filled my last opening. I teach 4 days a week total of 8 classes 3 students in each class. TOTAL 24 paying students! I am beyond blessed and now onto a waiting list for fall. Thanks Kids You are the BEST!!!


"Amazingly Easy For The Kids"

Just started teaching and I am absolutely in love with it. I was amazed at how easy it was to get my studio going thanks to the information I received in my kit. The patterns are amazingly easy for the kids to sew and I love the way the instructions simplify the projects. I love my classes! Thanks Kids Can Sew! P.S. My classes are growing and I’m “sew” excited! I also have to say that I have to agree with another review that this is the most inexpensive start up I have come across. Truly a blessing for me!


Join Now To Get Started Teaching Sewing Classes

Start teaching kids to sew and making money doing something you love to do. You can make excellent money starting your own business of teaching kids to sew and we will show you how. It's easy to teach children to sew with our easy to sew patterns for kids where children learn to sew and make crafts and clothing.  Teach kids to sew with our curriculum if  you want to be more profitable than you could imagine.

We have the largest sewing curriculum AND the easiest to sew patterns for teaching your sewing classes. Our curriculum is available for teaching children, teens, and adults to sew.  In addition we also have a line of easy to sew patterns for your camps and workshops.

If you are interested in learning about our unique method and one of a kind pattern packs & curriculum for teaching children to sew in a business setting, you will be pleased with what Kids Can Sew has to offer you.  Our full curriculum is not available in stores.

Kids Can Sew Crafts & Fashion Design is the original company specializing in a learning-based curriculum for teaching kids to sew and is recognized as the #1 sewing program for kids learning to sew. The demand for sewing teachers that provide sewing classes, camps, and/or workshops for kids is greater now than ever!  If you are wanting to start sewing classes for kids or looking for more patterns for your sewing classes you have found the right place. Become a Member today and start teaching kids sewing classes. Let the fun begin!

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