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Teach Kids to Sew!  Kids Can Sew® Patterns Packet Curriculum



Kids Can Sew® Official Site offers easy to sew kids sewing patterns. Instructions and Patterns are organized into packets called "Pattern Packets". 

Each Pattern Packet Curriculum contains 
Multi-sized Patterns & Instructions written for kids
Several Projects & Iron-on Labels 
Kids Can Sew® sewing patterns are written and illustrated for kids which makes your job much easier in terms of teaching the basics of sewing. The curriculum uses basic patterns to teach the foundation of sewing. New techniques and patterns are introduced in each skill level which will allow the student to build upon their knowledge. This helps to keep the student wanting to continue to sew year after year!

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Patterns Written & Illustrated Just For Kids!

How Many Pattern Packets are there in the curriculum?

Currently there are ELEVEN pattern packets with several patterns/projects of different skill levels designed to help students learn to sew.  Packets are available for girls, boys, teens, and adults. This helps to make teaching kids to sew easy and fun! See Sample Curriculum below.


How many projects does each Pattern Packet have?

It varies with each Student Pattern Packet. Pattern packets are designed to last the student approximately 9-12 months (1 hr. class once a week) to complete.  Once a pattern packet is completed, the student is ready for the next skill level pattern packet. 


What kinds of projects can students/kids sew?

The Kids Can Sew® pattern packets are filled with sewing machine clothing projects from skirts, tops, nightwear, shorts, t-shirts, and many other easy to sew clothing items. In addition, we also offer crafts pattern packets and a doll clothes packet (made to fit american girl doll and other 18 inch dolls) which is made to match the 1st Girls Level Pattern Packet. With several projects available, your students love sewing and your job in teaching them is "sew" much easier!


Promotes Creativity!

Projects are designed to help the students learn and have fun while sewing. Since clothing designs are classic designs, students can learn how to add fun embellishments to their clothing if they have a desire.(Clothing can also be made without embellishments).  For example: A ruffle could be added to the skirt, or a pocket added to a shirt.  Add a few buttons, ribbon, or rick-rack. The creative possibilities are endless!  See Creativity Gallery>>       

Kids LOVE Kids Can Sew® and So will YOU!

Since the student projects and instructions are already in place, you won't waste your valuable time searching for projects and patterns that are easy enough for your students to sew.  Millions of kids have learned to sew with Kids Can Sew curriculum! Why? Because it really works! Why wait? 

Pattern packets pricing to instructor members is wholesale price of $29.99 each (mix and match with minimum of four).  Again, each pattern packet will last the student 9-12 months to complete. Other wholesale pricing is available  based on volume purchase of 25 and 50 pattern packets. Pattern packets are purchased within the instructor members login area.

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 Kids Can Sew Sample Page 1  Kids Can Sew Sample Page 2  Kids Can Sew Sample Page 3  Kids Can Sew Sample Pattern 1

 Sample what's inside- Instruction
(Girls 1st Year Classics)

 Sample what's inside- Instruction
(Girls 1st Year Classics)
 Sample what's inside- Instruction
(Girls 1st Year Classics)
 Sample Pattern
(Girls 1st Year Classics)

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 * Full Color Packets are currently available in Girls 1st Year Classics/Casuals, Boys 1st Year & Girls 2nd Year.   

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