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Kids Can Sew® Learn To Sew Pattern Packets for Kids to Sew 2Packets (Medium)

Kids Can Sew® & Fashion Design offers easy to sew kids sewing patterns. Instructions and Patterns are organized into packets called "Pattern Packets". Each Pattern Packet contains multisized patterns and instructions. Kids will use these Pattern Packets while learning to sew. Each book introduces new sewing techniques while building and reinforcing what they have already learned. This keeps kids wanting to continue sewing year after year! 

*Each pattern packet includes
an instruction book & a full set of MULTI-SIZED patterns
*Each pattern packet will last the student 9-12 months to complete (1 hour once a week lessons)
*Instructions and patterns are written, illustrated, and designed just for kids

Q  How many Pattern Packets are there?
A   Currently there are ELEVEN Pattern Packets with several patterns/projects of different skill levels designed to help students learn to sew. Because of our unmatched range of projects in each pattern packet, kids can continue learning to sew year after year while always learning new sewing techniques. Pattern Packets are geared toward younger children both girls and boys age six through twelve. In addition we offer pattern packets for teens and adults.  It's easy to learn to sew with Kids Can Sew®  sewing curriculum.

Q  What kinds of projects can students/kids sew?
A   The Kids Can Sew® pattern packets are filled with sewing machine clothing projects from skirts, tops, nightwear, shorts, t-shirts, and many other clothing items.  Kids Can Sew® also offers fun, yet simple craft projects for students.  These craft packets provide an excellent sewing program for camps and/or year round general sewing craft projects for kids. Kids Can Sew® also offers a Doll Clothes packet to fit the american girl doll. The Doll clothes will match their outfits found in the Girls 1st Year Pattern Packet (Classics) and can be used to make matching outfits!  Kids love all that the Kids Can Sew®  program offers.  It's fun, rewarding, and builds their self esteem.  Imagine their excitement each time they finish a project!

Q  How many projects does each Pattern Packet have?
A   It varies with each Student Pattern Packet. However, students/kids use each packet for approximately 9-12 months. Once completed, they student is ready for the next pattern packet.

Q  What is included in each Pattern Packet?
A   Each Pattern Packet contains multiple patterns which are full-sized and multi sized and will fit a wide range of children. Each packet also comes with instructions assembled in book form.  These instructions have been written and illustrated for kids to understand.  

Peek Inside the books!
 Kids Can Sew Sample Page 1  Kids Can Sew Sample Page 2  Kids Can Sew Sample Page 3  Kids Can Sew Sample Pattern 1

 Sample Instruction
(Girls 1st Year Classics)

 Sample Instruction
(Girls 1st Year Classics)
 Sample Instruction
(Girls 1st Year Classics)
 Sample Pattern
(Girls 1st Year Classics)

  * Full Color Packets are currently available in Girls 1st Year Classics/Casuals, Boys 1st Year & Girls 2nd Year at this time.      

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